Nearbywebsolutions Matrimony (MMS)

Nearbywebsolutions Matrimony (MMS)

A Subscription-based Complete Matrimony Management System.

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Mobile App Development

We lead the entire app development process from ideation to design. Whether it's a consumer-focused app or an enterprise-class solution, we offer solid application design, management services and integrations.

Purchase And Install

Purchase and install Nearbywebsolutions Matrimony MMS

Setup Your Matrimony

Setup your Matrimony Site, members packages


Setup Your Target

Setup your target, welcome members

Start Earning

Start earning from member's premium packages.

Easily Earn From

Premium Membership Packages

Create a premium membership package, set the price, and set limits for it. Forbid users from interacting with the membership in any way, but allow them to upload photos. Under the membership, you get paid from users' memberships.

OUR Services

Amazing Features

Nearbywebsolutions Matrimony has a brilliant platform that will allow your wedding business to grow.

100% Responsive Design

We made the design so that it can be viewed in any size, whether it be on a computer, mobile device, etc.

Membership Packages

You have the free and premium membership package available to manage in the admin panel.


Advanced Search

Users can easily narrow down their search with various filters.

Chatting Option

Members can send a direct message and chat with other members

Fully Manageable Frontend

Create custom CSS transformations with ease in just a few short steps. Edit your page content, header and footer information, color choices, and more.

Advanced Privacy

Members can make their gallery private or report other members if they feel unsafe or disturbed by them.


Matchmaking Platform

Nearbywebsolutions is a complete system to start a premium quality matchmaking business.

Express Interest

Expressing an interest in someone will notify the other person that someone is interested.

Personal Messaging

One must turn on the messaging feature in order to message any particular member.


Following & Shortlist

You can get a list of members following and being shortlisted from their profiles by following and being followed.

Nearbywebsolutions Matrimony (MMS)

Easily Manageable Admin Panel

Nearbywebsolutions Matrimony (MMS) admin panel is full of capabilities, including the ability to manage members and their subscriptions, as well as membership packages and website properties like earnings.

Matrimony (MMS)

Members Activities

With a posting option that is efficient and thoughtfully streamlined, individual admins can provide a high standard of product postings. Even sellers can make use of this function to better target potential customers.

Nearbywebsolutions Matrimony (MMS)

Fully Manable Website

The Matrimony MMS website is fully managed. You can manage your header, footer, color themes, home page, and policy pages from your admin dashboard.

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