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Nearbywebsolutions is the only web development company in your area that offers exclusive web solutions. All members of our team have expertise in all aspects of digital too. Rather than adhering to prefabricated templates or company standards, we instead design, engineer, and deliver 100% bespoke web design and development solutions that are tailored to meet the requirements and expectations of each individual customer. We design excellent websites and also make sure clients' ads reach the right sort of audience. We've always done well in Salem and will continue to do so, thanks to our great reputation. We're committed to always doing our best for you and staying ahead of the competition. That's why we never stop investing in our company and making it the best it can be.

Our websites are all about user-friendliness, and we take this into account when creating them. They are inspiring, engaging, and responsive on all fronts. We understand the value of creating a great mobile experience for visitors. We help you exceed expectations, regardless of the size of your project.

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  • Data Collection

    This is the foundation of any website design project. Before anything else, all the details and requirements should be clear. Otherwise there may not be enough time for tweaks or changes to happen before launch, or you may miss out on a specific goal of your site.

  • Planning

    It is important that your development team is clear about the purpose of your project and what needs to be done. The results from discovery sessions and research mean that you will be able to identify a path towards successful web development.

  • Design

    After making a sitemap and wireframes, you can finally design the UX part of your website. That's what the UI designer is responsible for - they design based on your approval and in line with your project needs. The wireframes are transformed into typography, color graphics, animations, buttons, menus, and much more.

  • Content Writing

    Content is the backbone of a website. The content is the part that will get customers to sign up for membership or purchase your product. It includes specific calls-to-actions and more detailed information about a company, their products, and services. Content writing requires a lot of creativity. It's better to prepare the website content before or during development and not afterwards.

  • Development

    Now it's time to actually start building your website. Start by incorporating what you've designed during the previous stages to build a new website. For most websites, the homepage is created first and then all other sub-pages are added according to the website hierarchy. Using frameworks and CMS will ensure that the server can handle any issues that may arise.

  • Testing

    Test every section to make sure assets are in tip-top shape. Check every link, form, script, run spell check, and make sure there are no typos. Use a code validator to check if any deviations you are making on a website are standards-compliant. This is crucial, for example, if compatibility across browsers is vital to your business.

  • Launch And Maintenance

    After checking and re-checking your site, you need to upload it to a server. You can use an FTP software for this. After you upload the files, you should do another final test to make sure everything has been uploaded correctly.

    Always remember that a website is more of a service than a product! Delivery is not enough. Offering quality service and making sure your users are satisfied will ensure the long-term growth of your business.

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